Patrick Chung posts photo of his stitched up arm after surgery

Getty Images

It takes time, perseverance and dedication to overcome adversity – and that’s what makes a good football player.

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII victory for the New England Patriots’ came at a cost for veteran safety Patrick Chung. His right forearm was fractured on a tackle early in the third quarter of the championship game. On top of that, he had already been playing through a lingering shoulder injury.

Chung got the first of two surgeries out of the way late last week. He took to Instagram to share a photo of his forearm scar that has exactly 23 stitches, which happens to be what he wears on the field.

He is expected to undergo shoulder surgery in about three weeks, but vows to be “right back” on the field and ready to go next season.

With a strong mindset and lots of willpower, Chung seems ready to go on his road to recovery.

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