Shocker: Rob Parker throws out cheating shot at Pats when discussing Antonio Brown


A common trend you'll in in sports media is people having their shtick where they throw out a hot take and stick with it even when it becomes irrelevant. Frequent contributor on the FS1 show "Undisputed" Rob Parker has been a well documented Patriot hater for some time now and has come out yet again at the Patriots.

On "Undisputed" they were discussing the Antonio Brown situation and Parker had his very clever and original cheater take on the Pats. “AB would fit in (with the Patriots) because he’s so good with the video camera stuff, so that would work.”

You sure got em Rob. You're the first guy to make a headline like this and I'm sure this won't even be your last time making this gut busting pun either. For something to happen over 10 years ago that didn't even result in a championship and still get talked about is just pretty funny to me. I really hate that these types of guys make headlines for something so clever like this, but hey then again here I am writing about it so you win Parker. I'm sure this shook the Pats to their core.

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