Roger Goodell says any discipline for Robert Kraft will come once he has "all the facts"

Nancy Lane | Boston Herald

At the NFL’s annual meeting at the Biltmore Arizona on Tuesday, commissioner Roger Goodell touched base on the Robert Kraft controversy.

In his press conference, Goodell made it clear that the league would be withholding any judgment or punishment until he has “all the facts.”

“The Personal Conduct Policy applies to everybody. Commissioners, owners, executives, players, coaches,” said Goodell. “And it will be applied to everybody. But it will be done after we get all the facts. When we have all the information, we’ll be fair and smart about it. That’s what we’ll do.”

Earlier on that same day, Kraft entered a not guilty plea in his case of allegedly soliciting prostitution and requested a jury trial.

Goodell was also asked at the meeting if getting “all the facts” meant that he would wait to determine a punishment until Kraft’s case was resolved.

“No,” Goodell said. “When we get all the facts. That includes anything that might be pertinent to this.”

"When we get all the information, we'll make determinations. I'm not going to speculate on where we are or my views on anything. Until we get all the information, we're not going to make any discussions or comments on that."

The commissioner was very persistent in his answers and made one final note that the Personal Conduct Policy is his responsibility, meaning that he would be the one to determine any upcoming discipline for Kraft, if there is to be any handed out.

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