Ben Watson on the Grind of Training Camp

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(Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Veteran tight end Benjamin Watson is no newcomer when it comes to training camp. The 38 year old came out of retirement this off-season to join the Patriots for what will be his 16th NFL season. The signing came at a time of desperation for the Patriots in regard to their tight end situation, whose depth chart was pretty much void after the departure of superstar and fan favorite, Rob Gronkowski.

Asked about what training camp means to him and how big of an impact it truly has, Watson shared some words of wisdom from the genius mind behind it all, coach Belichick. 

Watson reiterated Belichick’s words, saying, “Training camp is not punishment, it's preparation." He then went on to say “While training camp is tough, mentally, physically and emotionally, it's necessary preparation if you individually are going to perform at your best and if collectively as a team you're going to perform at your best. That's what it's for.”

Training camp is used as a new slate, the beginning of a new year. Watson and the rest of the tight end corps have big shoes to fill once the season commences. For Watson, his season won’t begin until week 5 against the Washington Redskins, after serving his four game suspension for failing a drug test. 

-Nick Rufo