Bill Belichick will co-host new NFL Network all-time team series


File this under "Things I Never Thought I'd See: Bill Belichick as a television analyst. 

When Belichick is in the spotlight, he's usually pretty gruff. But when you get him talking about the history of football, he could talk for hours. He'll have the opportunity to profess his love for football history when he joins Rich Eisen and Cris Collinsworth as a co-host for the NFL Network's "All-Time Team" series. 

Belichick, Collinsworth and Eisen will profile players they think are the greatest ever at their position and make a team out of them, much like an All-Pro team, Pro Bowl teams, etc. While we have no idea who will make the All-Time team roster, you can be sure Belichick will strongly argue for Lawrence Taylor, Tom Brady and Johnny Hekker. 

The six-episode series will air in the fall. 

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