Jerod Mayo relates to current Patriot veterans

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images
Jerod Mayo retired as a player in 2016 after the AFC Championship loss to Denver.  He went on to do TV locally with NBC Sports Boston, and he was good.  But there is something about an NFL player that they can see things that the average person doesn't.  Mayo was always a smart football player, meaning his football intelligence just made him better at reading plays as or before they developed.

In an interview with WEEI, seventh-year safety Duron Harmon said his time as a player resonates with the current players, especially the veterans.  “He is always asking us and coming up to us, ‘This is what I am thinking for this drive. … What are you guys thinking?'” Harmon said, as transcribed by WEEI. “He is trying to get the input obviously of the older guys, but I think the thing that makes Mayo so unique in this situation is not only was he a great football player, but he was just a smart football player as well. Always knew where to be. Always was smart enough to get other people aligned as well. So when you have a guy like that, who is that smart and a great leader, it is so easy for people to follow him. It is so easy.”

I love it.  I love that Mayo is like a player coach, just like Reg Dunlop for the Charlestown Chiefs.  Makes sense though, you retire, do TV, realize that fire is still in you and you get back on the field any way you can.  If Bill Belichick trusted Mayo as the defensive captain as a player, you know he's going to as the defensive play caller, even if he's listed as linebackers coach, you know he's the DC.  Pepper Johnson and Brian Flores , the defensive coordinators before him were also linebackers as players.  Smart football guys, trusted by Belichick, recipe for success.


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