N'Keal F'Real

Adam Richins/Boston Sports Journal
T-Shirt, my idea, I want all the credit.  Speaking of t-shirts, just ordered a De La Soul is dead t-shirt.  I found a site that makes a reprint of the one I had as a lad.  De La Soul was an early 90's rap group that was overshadowed by the gangsta rap of the time.  Lyrics were about getting high and subtle sexual innuendos, but dope beats and rhymes.  Speaking of which, N'Keal F'Real Harry, had 2 catches but then it got scary.  Not really, an injury that was deemed not serious, but was taken down awkwardly by the ankle on his second, highlight-reel worthy reception and taken out of the game that doesn't count. 

I don't like to make too much out of preseason games, however, Harry certainly looked the part of big time receiver, but the night belonged to Jakobi Meyers as far as raising an eyebrow.  I think it's safe to say that Harry won't be going anywhere, but Meyers, holy moly, where have you been all my life? Six catches for a very sexy 69 yards and two touchdowns.  Take note fantasy nerds, the Patriots have got some size at the receiver position.  There really isn't much to criticize about last nights blowout win over the Detroit Lions, it was so refreshing to see young guys in there, dominating, regardless of the opponent.

I was live tweeting for the second and third drives, but then my wife came in and turned it to the Jersey Shore.  Now I have TV's in every room but couldn't move as I am nursing a lower back boo boo from playing in my baseball league.  Yes, I'm bragging about playing baseball still in my 40's, catcher too, how bout dem apples Bruce?  Furthermore, know this fellas, happy wife, happy life.  I wasn't paying too much attention as I was drifting in and out of consciousness, but the Situation got married!


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