Rob Gronkowsi, yo soy what now?

Michael Reaves | Getty Images
So Gronk's got everyone abuzz once again by cryptically announcing a press conference for 8/27.  Seemingly to tell us what his "next chapter" will be.  Mike Florio seems to think it's the announcement of a new book, but there has been speculation all over the place since he retired from football.  An email was sent out to every reporter to ever tweet the word "Gronk."  He wants to pursue acting, wrestling, who knows.  

Off the top of my head, 8/27 is a Tuesday, WWE Smackdown is on Tuesday nights.  This is my initial thought, that he will be in professional wrestling.  But then there's his dramatic weight loss, so maybe that's not it, ok so maybe something for Team Gronk, such as supplements, diet book?  What are you up to you sweet, large handsome son of a gun?

Sharp Communications is the PR firm representing this new venture.  Just visiting their website, they represent companies ranging from Benjamin Moore paint to Angry Orchard hard cider.  So my conclusion can only be one thing, that's right, drinkable alcohol based paint.  What's better than that?  Tie one on as your getting that guest room looking sharp.  Gronk Angry Paint, think we solved that one, your welcome everyone!


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