Rob Gronkowski is getting into the CBD oil world, says a return to football is possible

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A few weeks back, it was reported that Rob Gronkowski would announce his next big venture towards the end of August. Today, we found out what that was.

Gronk is partnering with CBDMedic, a company that sells CBD oil for sports injuries.

The former Patriots' tight end will advocate for professional sports organizations to change their stance on CBD, a substance which he says has helped him become pain-free for the first time in a decade. CBD is currently one of the NFL's banned substances.

Gronkowski then went in depth about just how much pain he was in this past season, saying he knew he was going to retire after injuring his quad in New England's Super Bowl LIII win over the Los Angeles Rams this past February.

The future hall of famer said that the pain he was feeling was so excruciating, he could barely sleep and cried in his bed just hours after winning his third Super Bowl.

When asked about a return to football, Gronk got emotional. He said that he lost his love for football because of all his injuries and the beating his body took over his nine NFL seasons. However, he said if his passion for the game comes back, he would return. Physically, Gronk could still absolutely play, and he said as much. But his mental state needs to be right in order for him to make a comeback, something we can all respect.

I'm definitely being selfish when I say I want to see Gronk come back. If he's pain-free and can be even somewhat close to what he was in his prime, it would be great to watch him again. But of course, Gronk is only 30 years old and still has his whole life ahead of him. If football isn't in the cards for him anymore, I don't think anyone should or would be upset.

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