Tom Brady to star in next Terminator, well, he could

Bill Brett/Globe photo
These guys are so friggin handsome.  Not only are they elite players in the NFL, they have movie star looks, and you thought you had it rough.  Danny Amendola, now with the Detroit Lions, credits his time with the Patriots for making him a more smart, tough and fundamentally sound football player.  Amendola found the end zone 12 times on 230 catches for 2,383 yards during his tenure. 

It's only natural that Amendola was peppered with questions about Tom Brady during the joint practice week with the Patriots.  Sorry Danny, Detroit is a wasteland, and the only interesting thing reporters are going to ask you, besides who you're dating is the ageless Tom Brady.  Amendola replied like any sane person would and said, “He can play forever. Perhaps we should stop putting a deadline on it and just let him play,” Amendola said. “The guy is in great shape, great condition. Obviously, he can throw the ball really well. He’s cerebral, top notch, so I’m excited to see how far he wants to go and how long he wants to play. There’s no timeline.”

Agreed.  Can you all just stop?  Max Kellerman, you dope.  The man can still play, at an MVP level even.  Everyone just wants to be right they look stupid trying to do it.  I'll tell you when Brady will retire, when he wants to.  Dude is as competitive as Jordan, and he should be.  He has defied all odds, beat his own records, has six rings sucka.  At some point, the challenges need to get greater and who is as better competition than ones self.  He's playing his own game now between the ears and we're not invited.  Just sit back, crack a cold one and enjoy the beauty of a once in a lifetime quarterback/coach combo that will never be duplicated.  He's married to a supermodel, not a regular model, a supermodel for Christ sake.  They aren't only stunningly beautiful, but have superpowers too.  He's not human, he's a machine, not wired like any other and cannot be hacked.


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