Why isn't Belichick in Madden?

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(Total Pro Sports)

Every year around early August, the newest edition of the long time favorite football video game 'Madden' is released. And every year I am a sucker and drop a quick $60 bucks on the damn thing. 

And each year with the new installment, the game comes out with a bunch of new updates. The most obvious change to each new game is the new rosters and players. Rookies are created and able to be played as now, coaches and players who who signed with new teams are put on their respective franchises now. 

Yes, even coaches play a large role in the strategy of Madden. Depending on what game mode you're playing, the coach of the team you're using determines what kind of offense/defense your team runs. 

However, one coach remains off the game each year. And that is none other than the greatest coach of all time, Bill Belichick.

You may be wondering why Belichick has never been in the Madden games. And, well, the reasoning is the most Bill Belichick thing ever. It's literally because of his stubbornness. EA Sports has a contract with the NFL Coaches Association that allows them to use the names and likenesses of guys like Andy Reid and Mike Tomlin in the game. Belichick, though, is the lone NFL head coach who is not a member of the Coaches Association, and has refused to join the group for years. As a result, EA Sports does not have permission to put Belichick in the game. 

Typical Bill. He doesn't have time for any nonsense like SnapFace and InstaChat, so why should he care about being a character in a video game he would never even think about playing?

-Nick Rufo