You get nothing, good day sir!

Bill Feig/AP
Here’s how Cam Meredith’s contract breaks down:
Base: $720K
Cap number: $720K

Base: $820K
Roster bonus: Up to $400K ($25K per game on the 53)
Workout bonus: $80K
Cap number: $1.3 million

Zero guaranteed money

Bummer.  Well, dems da breaks kid.  Cameron Meredith's once promising career has been overshadowed by injuries.  He once had a 66 catch for 888 yards and four touchdown season in 2016 with the Chicago Bears, but fizzled out on the Saints for the past two seasons.  But you know what?  The Patriots are sure going for the larger size receiver this season as Meredith joins N'keal Harry, Maurice Harris and Demaryius Thomas in 6-foot-3 club.  The kid's got size, but he also has competition on the best team in the best league.

I love a good underdog or comeback story, I'm a big softy.  So what if I cry when I see Rudy, my arms are bigger than yours.  I had a dog named Rudy, he was the best, half human I think.  He climbed a tree once and would sleep on the dining room table for some reason.  He died almost a year ago, in my gigantic arms.  Miss that little guy, pics will come.  Hey, I'd love to see Meredith on the 53 man roster and prove people wrong, but as it stands, he has a projected 10% chance to make the team.  I would absolutely love to see Josh Gordon be the Super Bowl MVP, but not putting money on it.  So it's a play for pay sitch we got with Meredith, so no big gamble.  So, let's get at it kid, or....


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