Belichick banned from a radio show he's never been on

First off, don't hate this move.  The gentleman who "banned" Belichick is probably getting the clicks and mentions he set out for, respect.  I just can't get people to follow me at all, no matter what I say.  What am I gonna say, Belichick is banned from my blog?  Absolutely not.  There's also not a dogs fart in the wind's chance that he would even say thank you to me in the grocery store after I picked up his honey roasted cashews that fell from his cart.  He owes me, you, everybody else, nothing.  He runs a tight lipped ship and if you don't know that by now, ya suspect.

Dan Dakich, a college basketball analyst, on his self titled show on 107.5 The Fan in Indianapolis decided to ban an NFL head coach from his show.  It doesn't make sense because it's not supposed to.  Homeboy's just lookin for some chatter about him, bravo sir, well done.  Here's a tip for you grizzled journalists, ask Belichick if there were any similarities with last weeks defensive plan and his approach under Ted Marchibroda when he was with the Baltimore Colts.  Guaranteed to melt.  He's a football guy, the football guy and the ultimate student, would instantly have respect for you if you showed you are too.


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