NFL wont let Patriots wear best uniform ever because, well they already have everything else

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So the color rush uniform will be showcased for 3 upcoming home games.  The defending champions will wear what used to be called color-rush uniforms on Oct. 10 vs. the New York Giants, Oct. 27 vs. the Cleveland Browns and Dec. 8 vs. Kansas City at Gillette Stadium.  

Leave it to the Patriots to kind of stick it back to the NFL.  They can't wear the red Pat Patriot uniform because they can't change the helmet, blah blah blah.  Stupid NFL, think we care what we wear when we win?  By showcasing the already released and similar jersey to their regular home blue's, don't bank on selling a lot pally.  I don't know if any of you folks have rules when wearing a jersey, but I do.  Now I'm old school, so I get it if you don't follow here, but tilt ya ear this way.  My number one rule, don't wear a jersey of a player who is younger than me.  I know, who cares right?  TC cares dammit.  I look at some fat, bald fatso in his 40's, rockin a Baker Mayfield jersey, Ima say somethin' if you're not related to him in some way.  To me you look like a goof, plain and simple, but that's just my opinion.  I rock, as you know, Tom Rathman, respect, Andre Tippett, respect, Tedy Bruschi, respect, Pat Tillman, god damn right.  Now, theres one jersey I have that is THE exception.  I bent my own rule and you bet your sweet ass I have a Brady jersey, however we are the same age, so you can see some grey area there.  In fact, anyone any age has my permission to wear a Brady jersey because the likes of him we will never witness again.  He's like a unicorn, bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, a mythical creature that we actually see and know exists.  I weep as I write this.  


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