Ring Envy - What Bills Fans Said - 9/29

When the Patriots' schedule came out, most of us probably didn't think a Week 4 match up against the Bills would be one we'd have to sweat out. Going into yesterday, Tom Brady was 30-3 against them, so forgive us if we weren't all that worried. But to their credit, the Bills' defense showed its legit and gave the Pats all they could handle. Thank God for Josh Allen, though. That dude sucks. Bills fans definitely agree.

If we lose, I hope it's not until the 4th quarter... but today is Mezcal con el Gusano day... I'm taking my shot with the worm in it to summon Pancho Billa to get us some divine intervention against the unholy dynasty. He will hear my summons and approach the big man upstairs and convince him we are worthy of a miracle!!!

If it’s bad , perhaps my “mild constipation” will be resolved at halftime

A serious beat down of the Pats would be awesome.

Seeing that Edelman is hurting and may be limited in play time, that's a good sign!

They can slow them down. If they hit Brady, they will have to do it right to avoid a penalty. The problem is..I'm not sure how to hit an NFL QB these days. That problem becomes intensified when Brady is playing.

donta hightower out for pats this is big

I have a great feeling about today. And I'm still sober. Also still have both my eyes.

Bills are winning this game, book it.

Here we go. If this team wants respect they have their shot to earn it today!

Allen looks lost.

Looks like they are gonna blitz the hell out of Josh today. Opportunity for big plays will be there!

just thought no shady is a super plus on a day like today no dancing for no yards

Here we got with a flag or two on every frickin play.

Well that holding penalty probably just killed this drive.

WTF. Dumb decision. Just what we couldn't have. He hasn't thrown a good pass yet.

Josh Allen sucks

Allen has to protect the ball and take the easy stuff or we're going to get clobbered. We cannot overcome turnovers like we did the first 2 weeks.

James White killing us as ****ing usual, two big grabs that drive.

We can’t turnover the ****ing ball, and we did, going to be uphill from here on out.

I hope that missed extra point bites them in the ass!

Wow. Allen is awful today

The Josh Allen we cant afford showed up!! Wooh!

Now everyone can actually see how bad Josh Allen is when he plays a real nfl defense.

This is getting stupid. The Kid QB is to hyped up and not playing well and we refuse the run the balls.

Men against boys. This is gonna be a massive blowout.

Game set match. Same old same old.

Should go rake leaves.

Game plan so far is stupid. We should be running the ball and not be expecting Josh to carve up this defense.

I'm so sick of the patriots. Why do we need to be embarrassed by them EVERY TIME on national tv? I don't expect us to win against them today. I just wish it was competitive.

wow. Allen is really scared . He does not look like he wants to be on the field.

I’m done at halftime. Seen this too many times

What a terrible sack. All that and we can't even get a FG attempt out of it?

No reason for NE to take any risks. They probably have enough points to win already with the way Allen is playing.

Give me a ****ing break. Open for a TD and he throws a pick. Not defending him today. He's being stupid.

Pats taking penalties, when does that ever happen against us.

Don't quit guys. The defense is playing. If our QB can get his head out of his ass it's not over.

My lord Brown put Gilmore in a ****ing blender and we are punting, good show on O.

Barkley would have us in this game right now. I have not been impressed by Allen yet this year.

If we stop them here we’re gonna win!

Here comes the usual bad ****ign challenge by McD.

What a dumb challenge. There's no chance of winning that. Come on

A stupid challenge, I’ve never liked this coach.

Doesn't he have someone in the booth watching the replays? That was pointless

This is where the defense starts to break. They're playing well but Brady with this many opportunities is going to start rolling us.

Here comes the drive that ends this. White down........wonderful

Brady just chucked that bitch because he was going to get smoked.

WTF are you serious with that flag.

Wow. Brady with a Josh Allen decision.


Great ****ing effort by Gore man, looks 10 years younger.

Brady has been butt cheeks. Jesus he is ****ing bad this half.

The D came to play today. And Frank Gore. Too bad no one else did.

No hands to face mask you stupid ****s?

How can these *******s miss these blatant mask penalties

Another terrible sack there. Plenty of time to just overthrow someone. Hero ball.

This half time score is 90% on Josh Allen. He's been terrible.

Take a breath, I believe in Allen. 13-3 starting the 2nd half with the ball. It could be much worse.

Let’s ****ing go.

Much better play calling by Daboll and it showed.

Allen has some confidence now. He's going to feed off that. Great drive that should help inspire a defense that's been awesome so far.

We have Brady confused as hell. He’s boxed up right now.

Edelman is lobbying for his next PI call.

Brady has no answers for this D right now. Time for Allen to step up and take this game over.

I have a boner

We looked great in the hurry up. Doesn't make sense to shelf it.

He does the same thing every ****ing week, every week it gets picked off, dude never learns.


The only quarter of football that the Patriots did not score before today was the 4th against the Jets when the game was already over.

Two short fields in a row for Brady is not a good recipe to win.

Three INT's and a blocked punt for a TD and we're still in this game. Unreal. This defense is so good right now. This is the kind of defense that can take you deep into the playoffs. If this offense can just stop turning it over, we could win 11 or 12 games this year with the schedule we have.

Out of time outs. Wow. This is going to be a huge issue.

Josh you’re crazy kid, he killed himself trying to make a play.

Holy ****

Should be ejected.

No idea how hes jogging after that, insane.

We got called for a hold too, unbelievable.

Wtf wtf . Why did not kick FG . Omg .

Totally good with going for that.

FG don’t win game, if we can’t punch in from the 2 we don’t deserve ****.

the defense has given us enough for a win. That blocked punt is going to be the difference.

Well you guys wanted Barkley. He's just as inaccurate as Josh is.

Is this where Brady puts us away? *sigh*

Gotta go a long way.

This is an exciting game. It usually isn't. I'm happy with that.

Horrible, horrible pass protection.

Patriots are beatable

I hate the Ref. Worse ref . Cheater ref no called face mask 2 time

The right side of the oline should be chewed out

It's second guessing, but a FG on the earlier possession and the Bills were in position to tie it up. Add wasted TO's and coaching deserves a lot of the blame.

Good game. No panic. Young QB's. Just need to clean up a few things and the future looks bright.

There were so many opportunities to win this game. Turnovers, poor pass protection late, the punt block. The defense held New England to 3 points over 3 quarters.

We barely got beat by a better team. And we almost won while having 3 turnovers. It’s frustrating cuz it’s the Patriots and they still have our number but we showed we can absolutely play with the top teams.

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