Do you really want to call out the best defense of all time Nick Boyle? Wait, who's Nick Boyle?
Just don't say anything.  That's really the only thing you need to do as an opponent of the Patriots.  I agree with Devin McCourty that he's supposed to think they are going to win, but Bick Noyle, you just bodybagged yourself.  Sorry, Nick Boyle.  Some people are just not as smart as others, and bubba, you bout to get real educated.  The Patriots always say the right things, while dopes like Boyle slip up and create the bulletin board material that we know fuels them.  When Rodney Harrison was saying after the Super Bowl win in '05, that they were the underdogs was laughable, but, he believed it.  They, before this season, were probably the best defense these eyes have ever seen.  They had convinced themselves that the world was against them and you know Belichick feeds them this stuff.

I think Lamar Jackson will be a good quarterback in this league, but his time is not now.  In fact, no QB's time is coming until Tom Brady retires 20 years from now.  I hate the Ravens, but can appreciate tough, hard nosed players, but who is Nick Boyle?  I honestly have never heard of him before reading this article.  Quite frankly, I don't care enough to google him.  Harbaugh is a hardo, can't stand the guy and his stupid, dopey, my dog just ran away face.  Cry baby dink in khakis.  Let's see what he complains about after this one.  Ray Lewis (allegedly) killed a guy!


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