I thought I had mono for a whole year, turns out, I was reading about Demaryius Thomas for five minutes

Steve Luciano/Associated Press
Boo freakin hoo.  I read the headline of this Bleacher Report article and thought, "I'd feel disrespected if I was traded to the Jets too, I mean, they're the Jets."  But to the contrary, mon frere.  Bill Belichick hates the Jets organization, like really hates them.  Need I remind you of the "I resign as HC of NYJ - BB" written on a cocktail napkin?  When you abbreviate it means you don't care enough to write the whole thing out (like this blog, heyo!).  I don't know exactly what happened to make Belichick hate them so much, but something really chapped his ass.  Now if you spend time with the Patriots, make the team, get cut, re-signed 2 days later, then traded to the Jets?  Belichick must really not like you, like beyond abbreviating.  Speaking of abbreviating, let's talk about the name Demaryius, too long, I feel like I'm fighting Mr Mxyzptlk typing it out.  Shoutout DC comics.  Furthermore, I hate these games like the one coming up Monday night.  It's too late, too much time in between games, spooky things happen.  Not saying the Patriots are going to lose, but I've put in my time over the years to notice the deviation from the normal day to day can sometimes rattle some cages between the ears of some players.  I know about this especially, I need my routine and stick to it daily.  If one little thing is off, I'm squirrely all day, won't get into specifics because I don't want you all to know just how crazy I am.  This is the type of game screaming Thomas to have a career night, however, again, it's the Jets.


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