Patriot Performers of the Game (Week 6)

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Another week, another win. Pats played pretty sloppy, but still pull out a victory against the shitty New York Giants, 35-14.

In a game that featured wacky stat lines across the board, there were several highlight plays. Here are the standout performers.

Brandon Bolden
Bolden found paydirt for the third week in a row. He carried the ball 3 times for 23 yards and a touchdown, and caught 2 passes for 22 yards. It's really weird seeing Bolden get involved so much. This guy was a name stay on the Patriots practice squad for what feels like a decade. And now, all of a sudden, he's one of our go to guys? Especially with this Pats running back corps, which is the most talented and deepest I've seen from this team ever. Oh well, Bolden continues to impress as a change of pace and receiving option. 

Julian Edelman
Brady's #1 target continues to dominate. Jules had 9 receptions on 15 targets for 113 yards. That includes a spectacular leaping catch late in the fourth quarter that brought the ball down the around the 10 yard line and subsequently allowed the Patriots to pull away with their final score. Big time players make big time plays.

Kyle Van Noy
In a season that has been filled with highlight plays after highlight plays, KVN might have topped the list with one of the most incredible and athletic plays I've seen in a long time. The linebacker scooped up a fumble from Giants running back Hilliman and sprinted down the sideline, got taken out around the goal line by Daniel Jones, but somehow Van Noy stretched his arm across the goal line and hit the pylon while his entire body was prone out of bounds. After review, it was clear it was a score. Literally one of the craziest plays I've ever seen. And shit like that has happened every week this season. This defense and special teams has been absolutely crazy, putting up historical numbers so far this year. They are going to carry us to a seventh Super Bowl (knock on wood). But once this offense gets going too, oh boy, it's over for the rest of the NFL.

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