The butchered Baker turned into a candlestick maker in a tub, or something like that
Gettin rubs and stackin dubs, the Patriots are 8-0.  This Patriots defense is scary good, hence the boogeymen.  They just destroy young quarterbacks, not only physically but mentally.  This is like the Saw movie franchise suspending disbelief and totally sending your mind on a roller coaster ride of horror.  Baker Mayfield looked and sounded like a broken man in his post-game news conference.  He certainly was broken yesterday with 3 turnovers on their first 3 drives capped off by a boneheaded shuffle pass to New Hampshire favorite, Lawrence his own backfield.  Guy Guy with the pick guy.  The Twitterverse went off on the poor bastard.

Ima let you in on what TC was doing during this massacre.  I, like any fantastic husband was on my way home from the broadway classic, The Lion King.  That's right, took Mrs TC to the theater.  She had wanted to see it forever and boy did I deliver or what?  Now, the Mrs is the only one who could tame this lion, but one of the things she's great at is her honest and brutal opinion.  We were on the road home when the game started and I had it on the radio, fully experiencing the torrential downpours happening in the area.  After the third turnover, both of us gleeful, she asks, "does Cleveland play indoors?" I say, "no, beautifulest beauty of all beauties."  Then she adds, " how can they suck this bad?"  Baby, you're the greatest, well you and Tom Brady of course.


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