X's and O's: Patriots at Redskins

Getty Images

The Patriots kick off their week five game against the Redskins this week. The 0-4 Redskins have been pretty miserable. They've already switched between a few quarterbacks, and have decided to start Colt McCoy

The Redskins play a 3-4 front as well. Since the Redskins play a man to man defense, establishing a run game will be crucial. If the Patriots can establish their run game early it will lead to a big game. The Patriots can then work in play action passes, RPOs, and actually run it down their throat. Pictured Below.

The Patriots will want to give them different sets at the line of scrimmage. Line up with a running back in the backfield, as a wideout, or put him in the slot. For example, the Patriots could run a play where James White is lined up out wide, Edelman in in the slot, Gordon is on the other side of the field, and their tight-end in just off the offensive tackle on the line. From that point White could run a smash concept with Edelman, the TE could run an in route and Gordon could run a vertical as well to clear out the CB and safety.

I think that the Pats should bounce back a lot better this week. The Pats were penalized, last week, a lot more than usual. I expect the Pats to beat up on the Redskins. I think Gordon will have a better week. I expect him to have five or six receptions and possibly have a touchdown. I think White will have a TD, Rex Burkhead will have one, Dorsett will find the end zone again as well. I predict the game to be 28-7.

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