Patriots kickers are blowing up like Spinal Tap drummers. Kai Forbath, you're up

This Is Spinal Tap
If you haven't seen Spinal Tap and don't get the reference, that's on you.  It's a film that transcends generations and should be must watch for any 14 year old and up.  Now onto kinkier items, Kai Forbath.  His last big kick that made headlines was when he was kicking for Jacksonville and his kick went right into the ass of the long snapper.  Whoa, at least buy him dinner first, budumbum.  Kicker number 4 on the year.  I honestly don't care at this point, just kick the friggin ball through the big fluorescent yellow pipes son.  That's all you need to do.  While I'm thinking of it, you all need to watch Monty Python movies too.  The Life OF Brian is my favorite.  When they're all on crucifix's at the end singing...ok I won't spoil it for you Ricky.  Just kick the ball Kai.


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