Tom Brady grew up a Niners fan. Duh, he's from there dummy

AP Photo/Steven Senne
Tom Brady and I are roughly the same age.  The NFL in the nineties was all about the Dallas Cowboys.  Naturally I hated them.  Why were they able to win championships and we weren't?  I grew up an angry, misunderstood youth, who then became, well an angry misunderstood adult.  However, now my team is the team to hate, and I'm loving every minute of it.  The Cowboys and 49'ers were always the top 2 or 3 in the conference and Brady grew up in the bay area.  Can't fault a dude for reppin his turf.  He idolized Joe Montana and I idolized Tom Rathman as stated in previous posts.  I was and always will be a Patriots fan first, I just loved Rathman because he dominated the fullback position and wore #44.  What, was I supposed to get a Marion Butts jersey?  Ain't happenin Murph.

I really have no reason to hate the Cowboys nowadays, but I did see the documentary of the Cowboys cheerleaders and man, Jerry Jones is a scumbag.  I guess that's a good enough reason to work up a little hate fuel.  Not to mention the countless scumbags they have employed over the years, Greg Hardy being the most recent.  Ok, I've worked myself up.  Try googling Cowboys player arrested, followed by a year from 1991-2015.  Scumbags


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