Colin Cowherd is lying through his big, fake, porcelain chompers

Colin CowTerd (@COLIN_COWTERD) | Twitter
I don't really have an issue with Colin Cowherd that makes sense.  If you have read my stuff before, I have an issue where I focus on peoples speech.  It's a gift and a curse at the same time.  Once I point out this to people, they can't unhear it.  I also have a gift for noticing hair pieces, but that doesn't really apply here.  Again, no problem with Cowherd in what he said about the Patriots window being closed for the Super Bowl this season, that's the sexy take at this point in time.  I really cannot stand his speech pattern.  Drives me crazy.  It's like Tony Mazz, like they have too much fluid in their mouths when they speak.  Very liquidy and gross.  I feel like they would be better off talking with a bread roll in their mouth, to sop up that extra gravy flowing around in that poor mouth working overtime to not drown.  I'm not certain that Cowherd has fake chompers, but with that tongue and salivary glands working overtime, it's not a bad conclusion.

I know not everyone can be perfect like me (looks wise), but my dudes, I'm not on TV, even though I should be.  My speech is perfect, although I drop the shit out of my R's when I'm around the boys.  The Massachusetts accent is basically the American version of Cockney.  I'm a go get a sip from the bubbla, order a frappe while I look for my clicka guy.  This is the time of year when the bulletin board material starts to make it's way to the Patriots.  I think we need things like this to fire us up.  I know I'm wounded, but I called on you all to pick me up, and all the Sully's, Murph's and Smitty's I know, sent me a GFY text to get me back into fighting shape.  I'm here ya pricks, and ain't goin nowhere.


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