Elandon Roberts just gave us the rally cry for the rest of the season

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
“To be honest, on every play, I just be like, whoever steps in my way, Imma run through their f-----n’ face. Period. Just like linebacker,” Roberts said, according to the Boston Globe. “I’m looking to make the tackle and if I can’t make the tackle and you’re in my way, Imma run through your mother----n’ face."
“Same on defense, same on offense. When a linebacker steps into the hole, Imma run through their mother------n’ face. Period. That’s all I think about, making my block, running through a mother-----r’s face.” - Elandon Roberts
Samuel L Jackson, eat your heart out.  You play this character in movies, Elandon Roberts is this character in real life.  For those of you who are confused by the censor, it's fuckin, motherfuckin, motherfuckin, motherfucker's, you're welcome.  I try not to be blue in my blogs, more innuendo, if you will, but there's just no way around it with this one.  You all know I love fullbacks, and yes, Elandon Roberts is a fullback.  The attitude alone just made him my favorite player.  I was hurting last week, as far as another video scandal, ESPN being ESPN and this, this my friends is exactly what I needed.  An adrenaline shot right in the ass and TC feels like he's 22 and ready to brawl.  What the fuck you lookin at Patrick?
I'm back baby.  Since this may be a one time type of blog, Ima get some things off my chest.  Fuck you ESPN.  Your coverage of the Patriots is always slanderous because you are all New York fans and jealous of the success.  You just throw things out there that aren't facts and the morons from the rest of the country see that as fact, so for that, fuck you.  How much more up LeBron James' ass can you be?  Now you are trying to be a tad more edgy like Barstool, but you frauds could not be more transparent.  Fuck you Max Kellerman, you fuckin fuck.  Fuck you Baltimore Ravens, you cheating fucks, not a mention by ESPN.  Fuck you John Harbaugh, you're going to find a way to fuck this season up, cuz that's what you do, dipshit fuckup.  A great big fuck you to the rest of the NFL fanbase who's first respone when the Patriots win is "cheaters".  Your team sucks, get the fuck over it you failure in life.  Fuck you to the people who throw the word, term, emoji goat out there at any time.  Sorry bruh, Phillip Rivers is just not the goat, of anything, you dumb uninformed fuck.  Let's run though some motherfuckin faces.  Apologies in advance Jesse.
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