Patriots sign Brian Hoyer to a 1 year-deal

(David Butler II/USA Today Sports)

The Patriots made a move at the busy quarterback position today by bringing back Patriot vet Brian Hoyer with a 1-year deal. This is Hoyer's third stint with New England.

The Patriots could still very well make moves at the draft to bring in a young QB, but for the time being it looks like they will be rolling with Hoyer or Stidham. I think this is a very safe and smart move considering that it sounds like Stidham isn't 100% ready to make that NFL leap yet, but by bringing in a guy who has a lot of experience with the Patriot system, Hoyer could hopefully jump start Stidham's development here in New England.

Worst case scenario, Stidham still isn't ready to go by the start of the season and the Pats will just ride out Hoyer for a year and get anywhere between 9 or 11ish wins.

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