Tom Brady, Howard Stern, 2 GOATS, 1 conversation

Tom Brady is literally everything you've ever wanted to be as an athlete, a teammate, a son, a brother, a husband, a father, human.  Listening to this interview, 14 year old TC gave a Sup to 24 year old TC who in turn gave the Wu Tang symbol to TC today, who is trying to bring back WASSSUPPP, circa 1999 Budweiser commercial.  This interview went into everything you wanted to know.  Stern has really mastered the craft of interviewing into an art.  He doesn't really go into the intrusive part of peoples lives anymore, which in turn makes them comfortable to actually speak about their private lives even more.  Stern chronologically went through Brady's life and accomplishments but really got out of him the internal process and struggle of becoming a professional athlete and how he grew as an athlete while also growing mentally.  He spoke about being drafted by the Montreal Expos and how he just loved playing football and wanted to pursue that while being oh so humble.  The man is a prototype of just a perfect human.  He was always stressing how important it was and is to him to keep his body healthy while subtly admitting to partying as a kid, drinking and smoking weed.

It was all hard work and determination that got Brady to where he is.  He stressed the point about being compared to the likes of Michael Jordan or LeBron James and really making the point that he was not born a prodigy and built naturally to become an elite athlete.  Where he went that was most interesting to TC was when and how he met Giselle and what got them to where they are today.  He started dating her as he found out his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan was pregnant with his first son, Jack.  Now, normally this situation is something you'd see in a Lifetime movie of the week, but with mega celebrities, and real life.  The way Giselle rationalized it stuck with him, and Bridget with co-parenting is a dream scenario that really happened.  Shit never happens, baby mama drama free Sully.  He went on to speak about how 2 years ago, Giselle was taking over all the household duties, raising the kids as he was bettering himself athletically and trying off-season business ventures.  Giselle said to him, hey, dickhead, I'm doing all this shit around the house while you play all season and you are going to give yourself to something else in the off-season?  Maybe not verbatim, but that's how I heard it.  Brady realized he needed to be a better husband and father so he worked hard on that just as he would his football career.  It's so understandable how so many people hate him. He's perfect, but he doesn't think he is.  He just works hard at everything in his life to make it perfect as we see it.  He has the same doubts, fears and insecurities that we all have, he's just sooooooooo much better at managing them.  He's also friggin handsome.  So the next time you hear someone say they hate Tom Brady, it's pure jealousy and that person probably has a shitty life.  He knocked up a beautiful Hollywood actress, married a super model, had kids with said super model, and they all get along swimmingly.  He's so likable and real, if you don't like him, you're the asshole.

On a different note, today, April 8 is a somber day for your uncle TC.  It was 26 years ago today that we found out about the death of Kurt Cobain.  Now, I wasn't like a member of the Nirvana fanclub or anything, but I happened to be a teenager at the what I consider the greatest time in music history.  I loved punk rock and gangsta rap, quite the combo i know, but the way I see it, they were one in the same.  Giving a big FU to the mainstream while encouraging individuality thought and being while calling out racism and hypocrisy.  The attitude was perfect for a misunderstood youth in the 90's and shaped who TC is today.  My first cassette tapes was The Dead Milkmen, Dead Kennedys followed up by NWA and Public Enemy.  There was a dingy, dirty punk rock club on Salisbury beach back then called, The Escape Club.  This place was the size of a tuna can, yet seemed like the biggest place on earth back then.  Nirvana actually played there the summer before they broke big.  One of the biggest bands of all time, playing in a place the size of Murph's basement.  Anyhoo, Kurt was a heroin junkie and appeared to have committed suicide by a self shotgun blast to the melon and his body was found on April 8, 1994.  The day of my junior prom no less, total bummer of a time.  Now, with this quarantine, uncle TC has been reduced to lifting every household appliance I can see, keeping buff of course, for the Mrs and for anyone who thinks they can take my toilet paper.  I've also been able to watch an extraordinary amount of TV, movies, documentaries and shows.  One in particular, Soaked In Bleach, which is about the search for Kurt Cobain by the private investigator Courtney Love hired to find when he was missing for 5 days.  I defy anyone to watch it and think she had nothing to do with his death.  It's so god damn obvious she had fucked up motives and would profit the most from his death.  Just watch it, it's far more interesting than some dickhead mistreating wild, endangered animals.  Educate yourself Patty.


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