Cam Newton is having the time of his life in New England

Cam Newton had been ELECTRIC in training camp so far. He is a headline every single day in Boston and its freaking awesome. Newton is walking around on the Patriots field dancing, hyping up other players, and bringing a new type of energy to the Patriots that hasn't ever existed. On Sunday, Cam Newton was videoed dancing to Kirk Franklin on the practice field. Heres the video below.

Wait. Wait. Wait. I thought that Cam Newton would never fit in the Patriots culture? But wait. I thought Bill Belichick would never allow a player to bring attention to himself. I thought that Cam Newton personality was a cancer to any locker room that he enters. Cam Newton has done nothing but connect with his teammates and receive high praises from the coaching staff. Obviously, Cam Newton still has to prove himself but the constant hate from Patriots fans is maddening.

The season is still 13 days away so there is still progress to be made. I for one cannot wait to see how this year goes.

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