Does Wes Welker need a Super Bowl ring?

Jackie MacMullan:
Many decorated players have come and gone around the Foxborough carousel without grabbing that coveted ring. Randy Moss comes to mind, as does Junior Seau.

Welker would prefer to pass on the membership to that club.

Asked if his friend's legacy would be tainted if he never wins a Super Bowl, Brady answered, "Well, personally it doesn't change my opinion of him. But [numbers] aren't what we play for. We play as a team to build on one thing -- to win football games.

"I got a question the other day about how can Rob Gronkowski have a better season than he did last year. How about winning something? At the end of the day, that's what it's all about, not whether he has nine catches or seven catches. It's about how we do as an offense, as a team, how we can all complement each other.

"Because if one guy gets all the passes, that's not good. It's like in basketball. If one guy has 50 points and no else scores and we lose 100-50. That's not good."

A fantastic read from Jackie MacMullan, went up late last night on ESPNBoston.

Wes Welker has never won a Super Bowl ring, despite being to two Super Bowls. Given all the success he's had in New England, it's almost hard to believe. MacMullan gets some great quotes from Tom Brady on the subject - who has always made it clear that his number one goal is winning.

Wes has that same goal, there's no denying it. People can blame him for that dropped pass in the Super Bowl, but you could look to six other reasons why the Patriots lost that game.