In This Week's Most Useless Storyline: Crowd Noise

If I hear one more fucking beat reporter talk about how the Patriots no-huddle is going to be ineffective because of "the 12th man" aka "go fuck yourself Seattle," I am going to fucking snap. I'm still pissed at myself for buying into last weeks useless storyline "Lloyd v Bailey," and I am not buying into this one. Yeah, Seattle has a loud stadium, whop-d-fucking-do, we are still going to run no-huddle, and Seattle is still going to suck. I just listened to the Tom Brady press conference, they asked him 5 fucking questions about the fucking noise and basically zero about the actual Seattle team. HOLY FUCK. SHUT THE FUCK UP. These reporters are so goddam lazy and shitty, they find the easiest storyline to write, and they all write it. Every stadium is noisy, get over yourselves. Baltimore is a loud stadium, they ran no-huddle there too. They are going to run no-huddle, and they are likely going to be very effective with it, like they always are. Now, if they are not successful, I am not going to just chalk it up to the crowd noise. It will probably have something to do with the fact that Seattle has the number 1 rated defense, and has spent the last 5 years drafting in the top 10 and thus getting studs on defense.

Also, did you all read the Greg Bedard piece on how exactly the no-huddle works? The play call is one word. That is right. ONE WORD. As he says, "Formation. Blocking scheme. Direction on run plays. Routes for receiver on passing plays. Shifts in formations. Snap count. Possible alerts and play alterations." ALL OF THAT IS ONE WORD. I think they will be able to communicate one word to each other. Hell, if I can have a conversation in a goddam club blasting house music in my ears so loud they bleed the next day, I think they will be able to pass the one single word to each other along the line and get the playcall.

Ugh, these reporters will never cease to amaze me with their simplicity and stupidity. Check back next week for this Week's Most Useless Storyline. As always, follow me @CultOfBelichick