NFL's best offense, meet NFL's best defense

That's right folks, the number one defense in the NFL is.....the Seattle Seahawks.

This is most definitely the best defense that the Patriots will face thus far this year. They are ranked number one in the league, 5th in passing, 3rd in rushing, 2nd in points allowed per game (14) and tied for 5th in sacks.

Some fans might say, "but what about Baltimore? They're a good defense and we put 30 points up on them!".

Not anymore they aren't. At least not so far this year. In terms of yardage per game, the Ravens are even worse than the Patriots. They are currently ranked 24th in the league, while the Patriots are 22nd.

The best measuring stick for the Patriots offense? (which has been praised as even better than the record breaking 2007 one) You're looking at it this week. Seattle in Seattle.

Seattle's schedule has had them go up against some offenses that have the ability to explode - the Cowboys, Panthers and Packers - and they have stifled each and every one of them. Obviously all of those teams have their flaws, but it's impressive nonetheless.

One thing that the Patriots do so well on offense is the no huddle, which may be negated this Sunday. Not because of the crowd noise, but because the Seahawks don't change much on defense. Something Belichick made sure to point out today. One of the major advantages to the no huddle is not allowing the defense to substitute.

The Seahawks defense is pretty young too, so they may be able to at least keep up with the Patriots fast pace if they choose to go that route. There aren't many areas that the Seahawks are weak at on defense. They have great cornerbacks and safeties, they can stop the run and they can rush the passer. We saw Aaron Rodgers get sacked eight times and hit 12. The Patriots had to pull both Sebastian Vollmer and Logan Mankins - their two best linemen - late in the Broncos game so that's something that bears watching.

Still, none of the teams that the Seahawks have beaten (they didn't beat the Packers) are the caliber of the Patriots, and none have the offensive firepower of the Pats.

So, don't sleep on this team just because they've been bad over the years. This will be the biggest test for the Patriots offense thus far.