We've seen some pretty explosive games from the Patriots this season. As a team, they've scored over 30 points in eight games, and over 40 in four of those.

The 2007 Patriots hold the all time record for most total point scored in a season, with 589.

Bill Simmons brought up in his most recent podcast, that this year's Patriots team has a chance to break that record.

The 2012 Patriots have currently scored 407 total points, which with some simple math will tell you that they are 182 points away from matching that record. Or 36.4 points per game - just a little below what they are averaging so far, which is an even 37 points again.

In 2007, the Patriots scored over 30 points in 12 of their 15 games, they went over 40 in four of those games. For the Patriots to match that pace, they'd need to score over 30 in four games down the stretch. Something that the 49ers defense might have something to say about (Houston has been lit up by Jacksonville and Detroit). Though, of course, not all of the Patriots points have come from the offense.

The 2012 Patriots have scored 49 total touchdowns - 24 passing, 18 rushing and the defense and special teams has added 7 touchdowns through 11 games. The 2007 Patriots finished scoring 75 total touchdowns, with 17 coming on the ground, 50 through the air and eight from the defense and special teams through 16 games.

Obviously the Patriots are not going to match the passing total of 2007 this year, but they are way ahead of schedule with the rushing, defense and special teams touchdowns.

If the Patriots can string together one more huge game where they score over 40 like they've had against the Bills, Rams, Colts and Jets then they will have a pretty legitimate shot to break their own record.

Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 16, we're looking at you.

Obviously, a Super Bowl win would be best, but it would be kind of cool for the Patriots to at least be #1 and #2 in total points scored all time (in a season).

Michael Saver 11/27/2012 08:42:00 PM Edit

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