Arian Foster not intimidated by Brandon Spikes

After a week of brown nosing by both the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans ahead of Monday night's key AFC encounter, finally we've got a bit of trash talking, in the form of Arian Foster, who said this after being asked about the challenge of facing Brandon Spikes.

“It’s hard for me to get intimidated on the field,” Foster told the Herald. “This is what I do for a living.”

Spikes faced off with Foster in college

Finally, comments that can add a bit more spice to this game. Not that it needs a lot of spice anyway. However, he might do well to be wary of Spikes. He has 5 forced fumbles this season, and has been criticized for some of his bigger hits this season.

Oh wait... turns out Foster is aware of Spikes's ability.

“He’s so big, and he plays heavy, but he’s also fast,” Foster said. “He can play sideline to sideline. He comes downhill. He can head-butt guards like it’s nothing. Watching him on film, he’s just so strong. He’s disciplined, and he plays his gaps well. He’s a good pass rusher, and he’s really a Pro Bowl-caliber player, in my opinion. He’ll start getting more and more notoriety for his play, but I’ve always seen it in him. He’s a great player, a fun player to watch.”

Well, we nearly avoided a love fest, but Foster couldn't resist... Ah well, lets hope both sides are planning on doing their talking on the field.

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