As we all know Bill Belichick can be a little protective of strategy and game planning and often times his words give you nothing to work with so you end up having to use the old adage “actions speak louder than words.” One of the things we all love is Belichick’s ability to build towards something as the season progresses and his biggest strength is not with words, but with coaching. Because of this I tend to read into his actions, more so than what he says to media, in deducing what he thinks was the biggest problem for his team in the previous season.

To this point I look at some of his moves so far this offseason, moves that were quick and therefore more aggressive and to me, that means urgent in Belichick’s mind. He went out and signed Armond Armstead of the CFL as well as Jason Vega from the CFL. Both of these players are defensive lineman and both players can get after the quarterback. Belichick is a player’s coach, meaning he won’t call out players in public often, but the signing of two defensive linemen symbolizes a legit concern Belichick has for his overall pursuit of the quarterback and the speed at which he signed these players shows it was a real priority.

Most fans would assume the biggest problem in the defense was with the secondary, but Belichick’s haste in signing two pass rushers and expressing interest in keeping Kyle Arrington (God help us) also makes it seem like he’s not too concerned about the secondary at all. Rumors are floating around of Ed Reed wearing the Patriots uniform and that would be great, but if I’m going to read into Belichick’s actions I would venture to say it’s more probable that he’s looking to bring Talib back and that is the reason he is not concerned with corners at the moment. With Talib and Dennard on the field, as well as a few pass rushers, the Patriots go from being a number 25th ranked defense to a top 10 defense.

As I said, Belichick gives you virtually nothing to go on besides his actions and in the case of the Patriots’ defense his actions have most certainly done the talking that Belichick is incapable of.


Joshua Brown 1/28/2013 11:23:00 AM Edit

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