So, the other day, we went back and looked at a piece I wrote from the middle of the year (after Week 9 win against Buffalo) about how there are not a lot of teams to fear. Well, Monday we looked over the AFC teams from that, now we are going to go NFC.

Atlanta? Fakest of all the NFC fake teams. They haven't won SHIT. Their defense is suspect. Their run game is horrific. Matt Ryan is the biggest joke of an MVP candidate I've seen in years. They went 8-0 on smoke and mirrors and got exposed by the Saints. Oh, and did I mention their coach is Mike Smith? Yeah. Enough said.
Ahhhhh. It. Feels. So. Good. To. Be. Right. Falcons still have absolutely nothing that scares me, and pretty much everything I mentioned above stands today.
San Fransisco? Alex. Smith. NEXT.
Little known fact about Jim Harbaugh? He's an avid PatriotsLife reader. I am talking, our biggest fan. The problem with having an NFL head coach as the superfan of your blog is when things like this happen. I tell it like it is (you can't win a Super Bowl with Alex Smith, just can't) and the NFL head coach takes my advice. It's a double-edge sword because I gotta keep my integrity and give you guys all the goods, but then Jimmy boy goes and takes my advice and puts CK in there as the starter. So now Mr. Harbaugh, yes the Cult is afraid Niners based on the fact they came in here and beat us. HOWEVER, do I like this as a potential rematch in the Super Bowl? I honestly wouldn't hate it. I think if you come back out and play them again, it looks more like that 2nd half than the first, and I think we can take them down. I'd say we are moderately scared of them, more so than anyone in the AFC, but not overly scared.
New Orleans? 4-5? No Sean Payton? Ehhhhh, not scared. They are definitely coming on, and with Drew Brees, if they got hot, there is always a chance, but I just don't see them overcoming that record and squeaking into the playoffs. Even if they do, I think they are a very similar team to the Patriots, just worse. I take Brady over Brees. Pats' running game over Saints'. Pats' D over Saints D'. BARELY in all cases, but I still take us. Not scurred.
Just couldn't overcome the bad start and the lack of Payton....THEY OUT
Green Bay? Green Bay is where you can maybe start to convince me, but I think that offense is fatally flawed. They have negative running game and it's because they have a terrible offensive line. YOU CAN NOT WIN IN THE PLAYOFFS WITH AN SEC-LEVEL LINE. Sorry, you can't do it. You just cannot win the title with this hodgepodge bullshit offensive line they have. So, then you guys know who is left....
Green Bay I think is officially number one on my scurred list. They are coming together at the right time, and have the type of offense that can give the Patriots fits. Their offensive line is still a weekness, but has been much better of late. The one good thing we got going for us? They CANNOT stop AP, and have Minnesota coming to Green Bay this weekend after just getting trounced last week. AP has gone for 409 yards in two games against them. 210 and then 199. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? That is absurd. So, while I think the Pack would put up a good fight against the Pats, I have them going down in a surprise NFC wildcard weekend where the Seahawks and Vikings prevail
New York Giants? Scurred as fuck. Forever and always.
Aaaaaaaaaaaand thank god. That is all.

Like in the AFC, there are a couple teams that came on in the second half of the year that we didn't expect. Seattle, Washington, and the aforementioned Minnesotta Vikings. These teams scare me in the order in which they were listed. Seattle has already beaten us, but that was in Seattle. I know they have been playing some great ball recently, but on a neutral field down in NOLA? I think we take it easy. Washington? Their defense is just so bad, I don't think RG3 can make up for them. Plus this would be a game where BB shows his dominance over that piece of shit fraud Mike Shanahan. The Vikings just don't have a QB anyhwere in the same galaxy of the type of QB needed to beat the Pats.

So, there it is. If we can avoid the Packers, I think every team we would be favored against and I would feel great about our chances. Against the packers, I give us a slight nod, but nothing that I would even feel remotely confident in. Maybe the Niners are a little ahead of the rest of the pack but behind the Packers, MAYBE.

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