More to come but this cannot be good news for Alfonzo Dennard, and the Patriots. He could face serious jail time. Sentence pending. Stay tuned for updates..

The biggest point of contention in the trial was whether or not Dennard actually punched the cop in the jaw. Dennard doesn't deny resisting arrest but he claimed that he only pushed the police officer, and did not punch him. The prosecution brought in a second cop that claimed he witnessed Dennard throw the punch.

We've had one PatriotsLife reader who claims that the police in Nebraska have a history of false charges on Nebraska players. The tweet below from Shalise Manza Young might be evidence that this could be the unfortunate case for Dennard as well.

The incident happened prior to the NFL draft and played a large part in Dennard slipping all the way to the Patriots in the seventh round. Dennard faced up to five years jail time for the incident.

Michael Saver 2/20/2013 11:43:00 AM Edit

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