We all know that Welker and the Patriots have been miles apart on what the salary for Welker should be and now Welker is receiving some advice from an unlikely place. Former Patriots corner back, Asante Samuel, in talking to Artrell Hawkins of the Fox Sports network, had this to say about Welker’s current contract situation:

Those comments by Samuel remind all of us, including Welker, that championships are not guaranteed and that Welker should do what he did and chase the money. This goes against everything the average fan thinks about being a “team” and guys “having each other’s back” and speaks to the one certainty in the league; your career is a short one so get the money while you have the chance. In making these comments Samuel is telling everyone that his decision to leave is one that he doesn’t regret.

Welker may take notice of these comments, or he may not, but here’s one thing to keep in mind Patriots fans. There’s one major difference between Welker and Samuel and that is Samuel had a ring at the time of the decision. No matter what is said, the number one goal for every player is to attain a championship and Welker knows the best place for him to get a ring, in the short term, is here in New England.

The issue holding this deal up is mostly on the Patriots end because they don’t think Welker is worth what he’s asking for and in some ways I agree with their philosophy; you can get Welker’s production elsewhere. I don’t think Welker wants to go anywhere and that was made perfectly clear by him signing the franchise tag last offseason and showing up in a big way this year to prove his worth. Welker is doing everything the right way and yet, somehow, a deal between the Patriots and Welker is a vanishing possibility; all the signs point to Welker being out, in New England.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 2/20/2013 11:45:00 AM Edit

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