The Patriots trying to lock up Kyle Arrington for some reason

Kyle Arrington has a good year in 2011, then followed up with an absolutely miserable one in 2012. For whatever reason, the Patriots seemed to have blanked out this past season and are deadset on making sure the former undrafted rookie doesn't his the open market.

Boston Herald:
The Patriots will meet with Kyle Arrington's representation this week at the combine to discuss a new contract, according to sources.

Arrington is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent March 12, so this is a sign the Patriots don't want to let him hit the open market.

At least Arrington will probably come dirt cheap, I really doubt that there will be much of a market for him. Still, the Alfonzo Dennard verdict probably has the team going in full gear trying to at least ensure they have bodies in their secondary.

Arrington began 2012 as a starter alongside Devin McCourty. Neither player had much success but Arrington specifically. He continually got beat on deep balls and it always seemed like he was there trailing on nearly every big play. Once Dennard and Aqib Talib took over as starters and Arrington was moved to play the slot he actually did fairly well. The Patriots may be looking to lock him up to have him play there full time, knowing he can move to the outside if absolutely necessary. Hopefully it won't be.


Patriots want to keep Arrington... wait, really?