Dashon Goldson Won't Be With the 49ers This Year. Is He a Good Fit For The Pats?

With Goldson almost definitely leaving San Francisco, the Patriots should consider him a viable option to play alongside Devin McCourty at safety. He's going into his 7th season in the league, and while he doesn't have the stat line that fans would probably like to see, (only 3 picks in 2012) he moves well in space, and can really lay the wood. Goldson would be a dramatic upgrade to the safety play we saw this season. He earned both Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors in 2012 for his outstanding play. The guy is a force at the safety position.

The biggest question is whether or not we as a team can afford to pay for him. In an interview Tuesday, Goldson had this to say:
I would like to play for somebody that has the potential to getting back to the postseason... If it doesn't work out that way, I can't not accept certain deals. ... I'm open to pretty much anywhere.

I read that as his top priority being playing for a championship contender unless a lesser team gives him an offer that is so lucrative that he can't turn it down. I think that when free agency comes, the Patriots make a push for an elite safety that the can sign for the rest of Brady's stay in New England. It might not agree with what the Pats tend to do, but for a defensive back of his caliber, that could really be the key to winning a championship, I say go for it.

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