I wrote a short piece around noon talking about the important sports stories up until then, and now I will fill in the news from tonight. Percy Harvin was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a first-rounder, and negotiations with Aqib Talib are heating up.

  • Anquan Boldin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a Sixth-Round draft pick, thus reneging on his statement that he would retire as a Baltimore Raven. All he has to do is pass his physical, and he will have succeeded in taking advice from Joe Flacco to not restructure his contract.
  • David Garrard adds his mediocre talents by signing to the already mediocre quarterback depth on the New York Jets. In addition, Tim Tebow says he doesn't know where he will be going next year, implying that he does not expect to be a Jet this coming year.
  • Robert Kraft says that Tom Brady expects to continue playing past 40, and if there are no medical issues, then there is no reason to believe otherwise.
  • Update on Talib: NFL.com reports that if the Patriots cannot get a deal done by tomorrow with Talib, then the Washington Redskins (who just cut DeAngelo Hall) would be very willing to make an offer.
Why did the Patriots not go after Boldin?

I am inclined to believe it is because the Ravens did not want to send him to an AFC team, and hopefully it means that the Patriots are looking for someone other than Boldin. I do not know why Belichick would not have given up a sixth-rounder for Boldin, but I doubt John Harbaugh would have made that offer to an in-conference rival.

Will David Garrard make the Jets better? Is Tebow a viable option to have in New England?

If Garrard can stay healthy and gets chosen to start over Mark Sanchez (which I do not think he will, I think it is to prod Sanchez into working harder and learning from a veteran), then even still they will not get any better if they continue to dismantle that defense and do not improve their receiving corps.

If Tim Tebow can step back and relinquish his desire to be quarterback, then he can be extremely versatile in other ways in the offense. The same offense that is run by the guy who tied his legacy as a head coach with Tebow's success as a quarterback, Josh McDaniels. The only worry for me is the media circus, and as much as Bill liked him before the draft, Bill is not a fan of unneeded media hype.

Could Brady play past 40 realistically?

It is really hard for me to answer this question with no emotion because I cannot even imagine the Patriots without Brady, so I would like to think he can, and he has not begun to prove me otherwise. He does not take as many hits as most quarterbacks, so it seems plausible to me.

Sam Reilly 3/11/2013 10:41:00 PM Edit

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