New Buffalo Bills or just the same old story?

Will the Patriots be dealing with a new look Buffalo Bills or is the same old story presenting itself?

The Bills have brought in quarterback Kevin Kolb who, based on his past two years in Arizona, is a slight variation of the same thing. Kolb comes in to replace Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, but just how much of a change is this?

Fitzpatrick played in every game in the 2012 season while Kolb only played in just six. In those six games Kolb averaged just 194 passing yards per game (with Larry Fitzgerald). In 2012, Fitzpatrick threw for 212 yards per game which is a better number than his replacement. Kolb completed just 59.5% of his passes while Fitzpatrick was eerily similar at 60.6 for the season.

Kolb edges out Fitzpatrick in the touchdown-to-interception ratio by just 1, which means for every 2.5 touchdowns Kolb throws, he also throws an interception while every 1.5 touchdowns Fitzpatrick throws he throws an interception. The touchdown-to-interception ratio is an underrated stat that reflects a quarterback’s ability to take care of the football. Just for a point of reference, Tom Brady throws four touchdowns to one interception. It’s more than just interceptions though. Kolb is just overall better at taking care of the football. In 2012 Fitzpatrick had eight fumbles while Kolb stayed low with just two.

How different are they?

In 2012 Kolb had an 86.1 QB rating for the season while Fitzpatrick had an 83.3 rating. A difference of three points in the quarterback rating is not a significant jump. A difference of three points won’t get you over the hump. A difference of three points is equivalent to maybe one win, if that. Instead of being 6-10 you’ll be 7-9. So I ask again, is it a new look Bills or just the same old story?

Josh Brown
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