Of the allotted time given to the Patriots for draft preparations, they opted to spend a good majority of it looking at potential weapons for Tom Brady. The Patriots spent roughly 25% of the time they were given to looking into wide receiver options.

After losing Wes Welker to the Denver Broncos and Brandon Lloyd due to his inability to be a normal human being, the Patriots see that they have a need and with the evidence presented above, it looks as if this need will be a priority to them. Spending 25% of your time looking into wide receivers shows you the dedication they have towards finding the next target.

The Patriots haven’t had much luck in the drafting wide receivers department. Here’s a draft picks over the years that you might know, but surely won’t love: Bethel Johnson, P.K. Sam, Chad Jackson, Matthew Slater, Brandon Tate, Taylor Price, Jeremy Ebert and Julien Edelman. Arguably, the most successful on that list is Julien Edelman and he hasn’t done much at all. Scary proposition to think of them drafting a wide receiver, but they do need one.

Among the visitors for the Patriots were two names that top the list in Keenan Allen and Robert Woods.

I wrote a while ago about Robert Woods and he seems to have all the things you would want in a wide receiver. Grabbing 76 receptions for 876 yards last season shows he can do what we need and probably do it immediately. He had 11 touchdowns last season to go along with those yards as well. Last year only tells half the story though, as Woods in 2011 grabbed 111 catches for over 1,000 yards and 15 touchdowns. With production like that two years in a row, it’s hard to not think this is the kind of player he is. Robert Woods is getting a lot of attention from Patriots fans and it’s well deserved.

There's no telling what the Patriots will do because spending this much time on a wide receiver could just be a smoke-screen for the player’s they really want. Mind games are as much a part of the NFL Draft as they are in the playoffs. Teams don’t want other teams knowing what they want for fear that the other team (especially within the division) will grab that player from them. The Patriots attained three extra picks in yesterday’s decision to trade down and that will come in handy today in round two.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 4/26/2013 12:15:00 PM Edit

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