ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss provided even more insight into the New England Patriots draft picks after watching "Patriots All Access" in the draft room, and he recognized something that many Patriots fans will find very peculiar. Bill Belichick received a call with a trade offer for pick #91 in the draft, which is the draft pick that was originally going to go to the Pittsburgh Steelers for compensation in their signing of Emmanuel Sanders. However, as we know, the Steelers matched the Patriots offer for Sanders, the Patriots kept their pick, and they drafted Duron Harmon. Unbeknownst to Patriots fans everywhere at that time was that Belichick had actually rejected a trade offer by a team attempting to move up in the draft, and drafted Harmon instead.

Belichick turned down gaining value in a pick elsewhere in the 2013 Draft or a draft in the future to draft a prospect who was not even projected to be drafted. I am as baffled as any. However, it could give us a look into how Belichick either really valued Harmon and was worried others would take him, or he just wanted an extra special teamer to bring some good Rutgers chemistry to the team. I am inclined to believe the school of thought of the former simply because Belichick turned down gaining value elsewhere, and history leads me to believe that Belichick would never say no to gaining picks in the future if he felt he had the flexibility in the draft to do so. He must see something in Harmon that Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay did not.

Sam Reilly 5/06/2013 11:02:00 AM Edit

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