As surprising as it is to sign quarterback/media-frenzy/religious-icon/celebrity Tim Tebow, would you expect anything less from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick? Plenty of people were expecting the Pats to draft Tebow out of college until the Broncos (and Josh McDaniels) snatched him before the Patriots could, but as fate would have it, he will be in Foxboro soon. Anyways, with Tebow comes an unbelievable amount of scrutiny, media coverage, and headaches... or will it?

If any team in the entire NFL could find use of Tebow while hushing the crowd, it would be the Patriots. What the team is planning to do exactly is completely up in the air right now. All we can do at the moment is speculate, so let it begin

- What I believe to be the most likely scenario is that Tebow will finally pull out of the shackles that he set on himself. Since coming into the league, Tebow has stated his desire to stay a quarterback while coaches, officials, fans, and experts have all rolled their eyes. Well things may be different now after backing up for Mark Sanchez on a pitiful Jets team last season. If Belichick looks him in the eyes and says 'you're a tightend now', what is Tebow going to do? Will he refuse the demands of the only coach that was willing to give him a chance? I doubt it. At 6 ft 3 in and 236 lbs, he may not stand at the same stature as Gronkowski, but oh man, he's kinda close. Maybe he could produce in Gronk's absence.

Do you really need the wildcat offense when you have the best quarterback in the league with Tom Brady? ABSOLUTELY NOT... Still though, maybe a package or even a play here and there for Tebow would keep opposing defenses on their heels. The Pats offense will never be better with Tebow on the field instead of Tom Brady, but opposing defenses cringe at the idea of preparing for a Brady-led offense as it is. Imagine if they have to also be ready for the wildcat on top of that.

Fullbacks aren't as popular today in the NFL with passing/spread offenses seeming to be the most effective nowadays. Still, Tebow is a big body and never shied away form the physical nature of the game. Why not pick him up for some added blocking when I'm sure the team did not have to dish out much money for him in the first place. Also, anybody opposed to throwing Tebow in the slot? I personally wouldn't mind seeing him run short routes across the middle.

I would want this guy on my team.
Look, the Pats and Tebow both have nothing to lose in this situation. The Patriots will be able to keep the whole situation under control and I'm sure Tebow will be open to anything after the extreme lack of job opportunities. Time will tell how this works out, but for now I will sit back and give a nice golf clap for this move. Well played Bill, well played.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 6/10/2013 05:59:00 PM Edit

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