Tim Tebow is battling against basically just himself for the New England Patriots third quarterback spot. Ryan Mallett has established himself as above Tebow on the depth chart, as the former college standout has done little to impress in both training camp and preseason work.

Has he improved? Maybe marginally, but not enough to warrant him a roster spot in the eyes of many observers. He'll get his last shot in tonight's preseason game against the Giants, but the Pats seem to already be looking elsewhere.

The Pats worked out Quarterbacks Cley Belton and Nathan Stanley according to The Boston Globe. It's of course possible that the team is just doing their due dilligence, or lookin for additions to their practice squad. However, it's not the best sign for Tebow.

With Patriots starters likely resting for this final game of the preseason, it's likely that Tim Tebow will see his fair share of playing time.

It's the end of the line for Tebow, that's usually where he shines. Should make for an interesting finale.

Michael Saver 8/29/2013 06:14:00 PM Edit

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