Well, that was an ordeal. After around 2 hours of sheer, unbridled anxiety triggered by Patriot's fans equivalent of the Zapruder film, things have (for the time being) returned to semi-normalcy after multiple reports have come out that Golden Boy's knee is going to be just fine.

An MRI on Brady's knee came back negative, and it is believed he suffered a mild sprain to his left knee, the same one that Bernard Pollard destroyed minutes into the opening game of the season in 2008. In the four seasons since that injury, Brady has not missed a game (regular or post-season), and has led the team to the playoffs in all four years.

You go right ahead and rest that knee Tom

Today was an ugly flashback to that devastating day in Kansas City in 2008. I remember where I was when I saw Brady writhing on the ground clutching his knee, and the feeling it caused. And the feeling today was eerily similar.

For a brief time today, sheer panic and uncertainty swept Patriot's nation as Twitter went aflame with speculation and Tebow proclamations. For a few moments after seeing the fan video that captured the injury (I thought it looked very bad), I thought Tebow time may finally be upon us.

And in the moment I grasped the absurdity of that very thought. If Tom Brady gets injured, there is actually a chance that Tim Tebow could end up starting games for the New England Patriots. Tim Tebow.

The same Tim Tebow who once won a game going 2-8 through the air. That is the same number of passes he through all of last season with the Jets. The same Tim Tebow who has a career completion percentage of 47.9% and QB rating of 75.3%.

For all the Tebowites out there, and anyone who was truly lobbying for him today during the brief time we thought Brady may be seriously injured, get a grip. Bill Belichick hasn't exactly been singing his praises after practice this week. He cannot throw the football. And if Brady does go down, he is not the answer.

And that raises the question- who is the answer? I certainly was not content with the idea of Ryan Mallett leading the charge into the 2013 season, especially after his performance in the first preseason game. It's too early to give up on Mallett, and I'll surely give him another chance, but I would be lying if I said I was comfortable with him as our starting quarterback.

But then again, when your used to the elite, god-like quarterbacking displayed on a game to game basis by Tom Brady, there is bound to be a large to very large drop-off between him and his back up. So tonight, despite ripping him apart a few paragraphs ago, I am channeling my inner Tim Tebow, and praying that Tom Brady does not get hurt this season.


Liam Cunningham 8/14/2013 09:35:00 PM Edit

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