Earlier this week, Patriots fans learned that the Patriots had contacted Brandon Lloyd to see if he was interested in playing for them again this year.

NFL.com's sources this morning learned that the Patriots had in fact NEVER contacted Lloyd at all, and that Lloyd says he is neither "physically or mentally ready" to come back and play.

What does this mean for the Pats? It means that if times get desperate (which face it, were getting close to that point) we shouldn't go looking for Lloyd to come back this year, not even if we wanted him to. NFL.com reports that Greg Bedard confirmed the reports stating that,

"they called him to set up their emergency list like they do at every position to see who might be available should the worst happen."

Granted it might've been for an emergency list, but at the same time, we need that list to be filled out and ready.

We have lost Vereen, we have lost Amendola, and we may lose Dennard (depending on how his court date goes today). We are losing guys at a rate where we just can not replace them, and if we are going to succeed, we need to have a second course of action ready to go just in case the worst happens, which at this point, may be any time around the next week or two

- Joshua Powers

Joshua Powers 9/16/2013 12:19:00 PM Edit

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