Tom Brady got a little bit of criticism for his "poor body language" in the team's win over the Jets.

Dealing with rookie wide receivers that were often in the wrong spots, or dropping the ball, the future hall of fame quarterback was visibly agitated. It's something he said he needed to work on, and it seems he did in the win over the Buccaneers.

That's not all he did for the rookie receivers though. Second round pick Aaron Dobson in particular had a poor game against the Jets, dropping plenty of easy catches and also failing to run the right routes at times. The receiver was obviously down after the game, but received a little pep talk from both is father and Tom Brady.

Ben Volin, BostonGlobe
“Yeah, it was a bad night — had some ups, had some downs. I told him to just play, don’t worry about the rest of that stuff,” said his father, Bobby Dobson, who attended Sunday’s game with Dobson’s mother and brother. “And he talked to Tom. He said, ‘Look, I’m a quarterback, I’m going to throw some interceptions. You’re a receiver, you’re going to drop it. The running backs are going to fumble.’

“Don’t let it affect you on the next play or the next game or whatever. And I think he just took that to heart.”

The talk seems to have done the trick as Dobson seemed much more confident in yesterday's win. He caught seven of the 10 balls thrown his way by Brady.

Dobson certainly has the talent, that's why he was drafted so high. However, to make it in the NFL, you need to have mental toughness as much as physical skills. I think that was the point of what Brady was saying to him. Never get too high and never get too low. That's the Patriot Way.

We'll now see how Dobson handles some success next week against the Falcons.

Michael Saver 9/23/2013 12:09:00 PM Edit

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