Alfonzo Dennard receives his sentence, will still not be in jail for Patriots activities

Alfonzo Dennard finally had his hearing today for violating his parole after a DUI that occurred in July. Dennard had been in court in the off-season for an incident that occurred prior to the draft, in which he was accused of punching a police officer in Nebraska.

Dennard was found guilty of the charge, and in April he was sentenced to 30 days in jail, starting March 1st of next year. This meant that Dennard would not miss any football related activities.

Unfortunately, Dennard's sentence also included 24 months of probation, which he violated with a DUI in July. That cost him, but not in a huge way.

Considering Dennard faced five years in prison and a $10,000 fine, you could say he got off easy. But not for long.

This means that Dennard won't miss any time this season, as some had feared, and he also won't miss OTAs in the off-season. Of course, that's assuming that he has good behavior. The total sentence is 60 days, but only 35 (since he's served three days already) if he's good. Make sense?

All in all, it's good news for Dennard, except for the fact that he'll be in jail in a few months, and the fact that he now has an extra year of probation.

Dennard isn't out of the clear yet though. He still has another sentencing hearing for the DUI, scheduled for Friday.

Today's hearing was just for violating his parole.