Bill Belichick says Texans are just mad they dropped their last three games to Pats

Houston Texans' defensive end Antonio Smith's post-game comments have been the talk of the day.

After falling to the Patriots in Reliant Stadium, 34-31, Smith accused the Patriots of essentially cheating with a thinly veiled reference to spygate.

The Texans' DE asserted that the Patriots made half-time adjustments which were "suspicious". It was obviously a desperate attempt to make an excuse for a team that a team just lost 10 in a row.

Earlier today, Patriots coach Bill Belichick refused to comment on Smith's comment, saying that it was a league matter. However, as the day went on, he changed his tune. On his weekly WEEI appearance, Belichick dropped the MIC.

"I'm sure they're frustrated," said Belichick. "They lost to us twice last year, lost to us again there at home. We've seen that before."

Ok, so maybe it's not quite the best MIC drop in the world, but Bill hits the nail on the head.

While Smith's comments have garnered a lot of attention, they haven't really been taken seriously around the league.

Every team scouts their opponent and makes halftime adjustments. Smith asserted that the Texans revealed some new things they'd never done before, and the fact that the Patriots were prepared must've meant they were cheating. Nevermind that Belichick has been Patriots coach for almost 300 games, and Brady has been QB for over 200.

I think it's fair to say they've seen it all before.