Troy Brown picks Julian Edelman over Welker and Amendola

Julian Edelman has been nothing short of fantastic these past few weeks and has really stepped up the whole season. We all thought Danny Amendola was the replacement to Wes Welker, but to our suprise, its been Edelman.

After his 101 yard performance in the Patriots win over the Texans, Troy Brown was asked who he'd rather have for the next 2 seasons: Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, or Wes Welker. His response:

“Julian Edelman over Wes Welker for the next two years. I can do more things with him. He can play outside receiver. He can play in the slot. He can play wildcat quarterback if you want to bring that crap back into play. He can do all that stuff. He is an excellent kick returner. He can probably do kickoff returns too if you ask him to. There is a lot of things you can do with Julian Edelman.”
Well there you have it, and I couldn't agree more. Just by watching him play you can see his versatility, and heck, he can play cornerback too! Edelman, statistically, is having just as good of a year as Welker. Granted, Tom Brady doesn't have the extra weapons Peyton Manning has, but it is certainly notable. Edelman has caught 70 passes for 711 yards and 4 TD's, while Welker has hauled in 68 catches for 717 yards and 9 touchdowns. You be the judge! Who would you rather have? @joeloobs @patriotslife